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The Points of Light Project is the educational outreach component of "Piece of the Palace": a constellation of activities connected with the centenary of the Peace Palace (August 28, 2013). The Points of Light Project takes the anniversary of the Peace Palace beyond The Hague - to 30 different locations throughout the world - identified as 'Points of Light'.

In exchange for a 'Treasure Box' full of materials on Peace, International Law and connected themes, each Point of Light (listed below) develops an activity/ies aimed at educating its community about the inspiring story and the important themes connected to the Peace Palace and the Peace through Law tradition.

This site serves as the hub that connects all of the Points of Light and provides information about their activities. Most of the activities will occur in the Fall of 2013. Our Points of Light in Moscow, Idaho and Valladolid, Spain have/will engage in activities in April and May of 2013. Check back in June/July for reports from both. In the meantime, enjoy some of the resources by visiting the archive here.

Points of Light:

The Points of Light project ensures that the importance of the Peace Palace Centenary is appreciated by audiences beyond the Hague.

To learn more about "Piece of the Palace": - created and funded by institutions and individuals in the United States, click here .


A Peace Palace Centennial Celebration Event!

Friends of Adin Ballou Annual Fall Lecture held October 20th:“HOPING STILL: Carrying Adin Ballou’s Peace Torch into the 21st Century”, Lecture by Michael Boover, Pacifist, Doctor of Ministry,Catholic Worker

People today are actively living the peaceable life, with the same intention and conviction as Adin Ballou and the settlers of the early Hopedale Community. Come meet these modern pacifists and learn how they actively work for peace and justice in our surrounding communities and in the world.

The lecture will uphold the veracity and beauty of Gospel nonviolence, speak to the difficulties involved in principled steadfastness to this path and of the hope that, despite difficulty, such steadfastness will yield a blessed harvest of peace.

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  • December 17th, 2013

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